Ananya Fibrochem
Welcome to Ananya Fibrochem Pvt. Ltd.
Ananya Fibrochem
Welcome to Ananya Fibrochem Pvt. Ltd.
Ananya Fibrochem
Welcome to Ananya Fibrochem Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile

About Us

Established in 2003, Ananya Fibrochem, under the leadership of Mohit Agarwal (MD), has grown from a professional enterprise to a market leader in the field of Fibreglass Composite Products.

As a professional Fibreglass enterprise, Ananya Fibrochem is dedicated to providing a wide range of Fibreglass Composite Materials like, Fibeglass Mesh, Liquid Silicon Rubber, Fibreglass Surface Mat, Fibreglass Chopped Strand Mat, Unsaturated Polyester Resin, Wooden Brushes, and many more.

To become a market leader, our MD has led forward Ananya Fibrochem with a clear vision of being the biggest supplier of high-quality FRP materials. With the support of a top-notch R&D team and an efficient quality-control workforce, Ananya Fibrochem, in just over 15 years, has steadily built a reputation in this competitive industry and has earned itself a solid niche of esteemed clients.

Our Vision

The vision of Ananya Fibrochem is to become the number one supplier of high-quality FRP materials in India and build a loyal customer-base with the highest sense of ethics, professionalism, and integrity.

Our Mission

To thoroughly communicate and understand the unique needs of our customers to provide them with superior-quality FRP materials.
To strategically innovate environmentally-sustainable products to become a more environmentally-conscious company.
To ensure satisfaction of our dedicated workforce through respect, harmonious work space, rewards, and right motivation.

About Our Director

Belonging to a traditional Marwari business family, Mohit Agarwal, Managing Director, Ananya Fibrochem Pvt. Ltd., grew up with an inherent quest for business knowledge and hunt for growth opportunities. Mr. Agarwal spotted a business opportunity in FRP materials and thus began his entrepreneurial journey.

In 1998, he became a regional agent for a leading Indian manufacturer of FRP materials and his aggressive marketing skills and calculative moves saw a drastic improvement in the sales of their products. Within a span of few years Mr. Agarwal was able to capture a large market share for the manufacturer. After years of experience and a strong hold on the market, he established his own brand, Ananya Fibrochem, in 2003, and since then there’s no looking back.

Ananya Fibrochem is now a leading Importer, Trader, and Exporter of FRP materials dealing in superior-quality products. We import our products from the biggest manufacturers in Dubai, China and Thailand after a rigorous quality check. Upholding stringent quality standards with a spirit of innovation, Mr. Agarwal has earned Ananya Fibrochem a healthy reputation.

Our Products

PRODUCTS Pigments as per shade
Fumed SilicaPowder (10Kg Bag)
French chalk powder (50Kg Bag)

BRUSHES Ananya Fibrochem provides quality approved FRP Brushes, which is damage resistance in nature.

Key Features
•    Long lasting life
•    Scintillating design
•    Lightweight
•    Soft bristle
•    High longevity

Brush 2…

PVA POWDER PVA powder is made of vinyl acetate through polymerization and alcoholysis. It is a kind of white or light yellow, stable, non-toxic, water-soluble and environmentally…

UNSATURATED POLYESTER RESIN Unsaturated polyester resin (UPR), is an easily printable liquid polymer which, once cured, keeps the solid shape taken in the mold. The curing is done…

WOVEN ROVING (WR) Woven Roving is a bidirectional fabric made by interweaving direct rovings and it is compatible with most resin systems. It is mostly used in most…

CHOPPED STRAND MAT Chopped Strand Mat is a random fibre reinforcement. It is Emulsion-bound mat and is designed for use with polyester and vinyl ester resin systems. This…

SURFACE TISSUE MAT 30GSM Fibreglass surface tissue mat is a fine layer of non-woven fabric and low alkali fibreglass mat which is made of randomly oriented glass fibres distributed…

LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER (RTV) liquid Silicone Rubber (RTV) is a type of silicone rubber made from a two-component system and is widely used for mould making products which requires…

FIBREGLASS MESH (NET, MURGA JALI) Fibreglass mesh is a neatly woven, crisscross pattern of fibreglass thread coated with an organic material. After the surface treatment, fibreglass mesh becomes water-resistant, alkali-resistant,…

Why choose us ?

Superior-Quality Product Range

Our brand, Ananya Fibrochem is synonymous to reliable and quality products in our Industry. We firmly believe in the famous saying, “Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort,” because it’s always the quality that help you sustain the market for a long term.

Sound Infrastructure and Logistics Network

From efficient inventory planning to consolidating supplies for our clients, we have a well-connected and dedicated team to ensure smooth distribution and unperturbed supply of our products to any part of the country/world.

Fair Pricing & Transparent Dealings

Ananya Fibrochem guarantees high-quality products at prices that are cost-effective. We place high-regard to customer satisfaction and ensure it through fair and transparent transactions.

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  Ananya Fibrochem Pvt. Ltd.

  B-69, Dinesh Plaza, Bais Godam, Jaipur, Rajasthan (India)

  +91 9829055935



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